Prayer Concerns


Charlie Bohn Mary Coxey
Sierra Fuente Martha Holden
Esther Keown Richie Kidd
Mary Nelms Sudie Lowe
Kathy Queen Emma McCoy
Aimee Ragland James Rungee
Maribeth Sauls Helen Margaret Salisbury
Faye Steekley  
Bethanie Walters  
Julie Webb  

Prayer Concern List of Friends & Family of Members:

Wayne Cox (relative of Dennis O'Neal)

Richard Davidson (father of Julie Webb)

Jean Alyne Dotson (friend of Maureen Caudle)

Henri Drinkall (mother of Denise Hawkins)

Diane Duncan (sister of Elaine Fite)

Sherry Goforth (great-niece of Wanda Cook)

Mitzi Griffin (daughter of Dallas & Wanda Cook & sister of Dallise Temple)

Charles Grimes (father of Teresa Kidd & grandfather of Angela Bouse)

Zachary Hastings (Carol Saltikova's boss' son)

Betty Kramer (mother of Al Kramer)

Donald Layland (son-in-law of Bevery Doherty-Rose)

Barry Linvile (father of Eddie Linville)

Janice Lupo (granddaughter of Louise Stevenson)

Michael Malone (friend of Eddie Linville)

Lynn McCumbers (friend of Chris & Dianne McVetty)

Patricia McVetty (sister of Chris McVetty)

Amerson Pegram (son of Trey & Jeni Pegram - nephew of Mary Healey)

Harv Poag (uncle of Pam Truitt)

Charles Pugh (father of Edna Miller's friend)

Hayley Rhodes (cousin of Dana Martindales)

Jo Sage (mother of Kellie Everett's friend)

Steve Sieg (father of Rev. Joy Warren)

Linda Sosniak (aunt of Rev. Joy Warren)

Nancy Stanford (mother of Maureen Caudle)

Clyde Turner (step-father of Dana Martindale)

Dr. Dwayne Tyus (pastor of St. Luke's CP Church)

Gertrude Waggoner (mother of Carol Saltikova)

Kaleb Waggoner (grandson of Carol Saltikova)

Linda Walker (mother of Phil Walker)

Franz Walkup (friend of Toyna Farmer - wounded serviceman)