Evangelism and outreach is a vital part of a church that is alive and growing. Start by doing what is necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Each of us can be a part of doing the impossible!

Food Bank: We thank all who contribute to our outreach program of helping to feed others. 

Habitat for Humanity: Our financial support to this very worthy cause is one of the main stays of our Church. Each year we give financially to help this organization build homes for those in need.

Community Helpers: This is another organization that we support financially to help those in our community with utilities and other essentials.

Mission Trips: Members of our congregation have participated, sometimes in conjunction with our youth, on various mission trips. We have twice been to Copper Basin in Southern TN to distribute school supplies, hygiene products, and shoes. We have also been to Broken Bow, OK to work on Camp Israel Folsom, a Cumberland Presbyterian youth camp. We have been to Sunset Gap and Del Rio East TN to deliver food stuffs, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, hygiene products, and cleaning supplies. We went down to Florida to distribute work clothing to farm workers who help harvest the food that we eat every day.  Most recently, we went to inner city Chicago to help clean and fix up a church that had been in disuse and damages by vandalism and the elements in order to prepare it for a new pastor and a new congregation.