Chancel Bell Choir

The bells began ringing at First Cumberland Presbyterian church for the first time in 1988 when we purchased three octave set of Schlmweich hand bells. After teaching the basics of bell ringing to interested people from our congregation, the Chancel Bell Choir was established and soon began playing for worship services. The hand bells were given in memory of Marshall Anderson, a long time member.

We've come a long way over the past several years. We now have a very accomplished group of ringers who play music which incorporates the latest trends in hand bell techniques. The Chancel Bell Choir plays frequently during at the Sunday morning worship services at the church during the fall, winter, and spring.

From time to time, our ringers join forces with the organist, pianist, and choir in presenting special hymn arrangements which are always well received by the congregation.

The Chancel Bell Choir have played at some events in Murfreesboro and have also attended several joint community bell program in Murfreesboro and Nashville.

Worship itself is a purpose which has two main components - the spoken word and music. Music must stir the listener's emotions in order to be meaningful. With the sheer beauty of their unique expression, hand bells do this through both sight and sound. Whether it's one ringer, four ringers, or a choir of twelve, hand bells certainly enhance worship, appealing to the religious emotions inherent in all of us.