It seems the multi-media world in which we live creates the need for drama.  Somehow, adding lights and costumes to any presentation helps to get the point across in a more memorable fashion. It also seems to be true that those who participate in dramatic productions, be they children, youth, or adults experience the true meaning of the stories and the nature of the characters they portray in a deeply meaningful and lasting way.

Drama has become an important aspect of the worship at First Cumberland Presbyterian Church. In the past our ministry consisted of an annual children's nativity pageant and an occasional children's musical production. While those events still occur on a regular basis, our worship experience is enhanced to more frequent intergenerational dramatic presentations.

We do not require experienced actors, the vast majority of our presentations are done by persons with little or no prior drama background. It has been fun watching many of these amateur actors discover a hidden talent they didn't know they had!

Christmas is just around the corner!

Our Children's Choir will be performing "The Stranger in the Manger," a Seuss-esqe drama with songs and rhyme telling the Christmas Story.

Our Chancel Choir will be performing "Silent Night! Holy Night!," a drama and cantata with a mix of beloved Christmas favorites. Come participate in the choir or the drama! If you are interested in testing out your acting chops, please see Dr. Rebecca Salisbury for details or, if lending your voice to the choir is more your style, please see Keith Brown for details.