Our mission is:

"To strengthen and encourage through Christian Fellowship." Acts 14:22

If you need a ride or have a question please call or email the office.  Bruce and Marilyn Rogan will be glad to give you a lift, should you need a ride to our luncheon or for the monthly trip.

The Primetimers Group is made up of older members and non-members who meet on the first Monday of each month to share life stories, laugh and have a great time.  Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated by sharing dessert.  It's just plain fun!

The Primetimers travel once a month, socialize with each other and see some of the sights in Tennessee and elsewhere.  On these wonderful fun filled trips, they have enjoyed great meals and beautiful scenery. They are a very active group who love to live. Come join us!  The Church van has a little more room and we would enjoy your company.  For more information call the Church office an get on the next van trip to who knows where....